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Take Leadership On Your Feminity


EUR 845,-


3 days


About the Course

Take Leadership On Your Femininity!

This is the retreat to be if you want to return to your strong, elegant and free feminine energy. Your femininity and female leadership are the centre point of attention and within 3 days these will be empowered in a very unique way.

We´ll guarantee you that you are going to leave this retreat with restored self-confidence and self-esteem. You will move freely again in body and mind, both on a business and personal level.

Do you...

🌟 Do you want to move with confidence and own the room (be it a boardroom, or a conference room, or even your own living room)?

🌟 Are you longing for understanding why you move the way you move, why you react the way you react, and why you feel the way you feel?

🌟 Are you ready for fun, freedom, energy and bellydance?

Yes, yes, and yes?

Then this is your retreat! ✅

Body and Mind

During this retreat we combine bellydance workshops with inner work workshops to help you become aware of your body, your thought patterns, your feelings and your behaviour. It doesn’t stop here. We remove the limiting and blocking beliefs and install new, positive ones.

Explore the W´s and the How

What do you feel in your body when you move or stand in a certain way?

When do you feel that? In what situations in particular?

Where do you feel that in your body?

And how does that make you feel? Confident, vulnerable, comfortable, or some discomfort?

These questions and the sensations we take to the innerwork and awareness workshops and you will find the Why of all these feelings.

👌 You will head home with:

- freedom in body and mind, both on a business and personal level

- restored confidence

- restored self-esteem

- tools to maintain these positive and constructive outcomes when you’re back home again.

3 days

3 days of focus on your personal development, your needs and desires.

3 days of personal, female leadership.

Fun, Freedom, Connection

💃 Aside from the workshops you will have time to relax, to recharge, to talk, to connect, to be. Delicious food, a cava tasting + lunch at a winery and fun is on the agenda too!


🐦 Reserve your place now (see link) and take advantage of the early bird offer (until July 31, 2024)

🗓️ 1-3 November 2024

📍 Villa Bellamar, Castelldefels, Spain

🧍‍♀️ maximum 8 participants

🌐 Book your space here:

Un beso,

Judith Bartels & Silke van Loenen

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Your Instructor

Silke van Loenen & Judith Bartels

Judith is a seasoned bellydance teacher (and consultant) and Silke is an experienced hypnotherapist (and project manager). We combine our knowledge and skills to create an effective and changing personal leadership experience for you.

Silke van Loenen & Judith Bartels
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