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Mother´s Day can be a complex day

Today it is Mother´s Day in Spain and I am sending love to anyone who finds this day difficult.

Mother´s Day. Sending love to those who are feeling sad on this day.
Sending love to those who find this a tricky day

Mother´s Day can be complex

Plenty of reasons why Mother´s Day can be a complex day.

Maybe you lost a child.

Maybe you longed to be a mum, but you never met the right partner.

Maybe you couldn´t get pregnant, due to physical or infertility reasons.

Maybe your mother was a narcissist and for your wellbeing had to cut all contact.

Maybe you were abandoned, given up for adoption.

Maybe you lost your mum.

Maybe a child or your children are no longer in your life.

Whatever the reason is....

....I am sending love to:
  • those loving mothers

  • those who lost a child

  • those who are abandoned

  • those who are childless not by choice

  • all fur-ball mums

  • those who are struggling with motherhood

  • those going through infertility

  • those who lost their children

  • those who lost their mother

  • those who no longer have a mother

  • those who never had a mother

  • those who have a complex mother relationship

The complexity of Mother´s Day

Mother´s Day can leave you feel lonely, heavy or sad, more than you would have expected to feel. There is no right or wrong here.

Mother´s Day might be a shit day. Allow yourself to grieve, feel angry, immensely sad, hurt. Allow your feelings to be. Allow tears to flow. It is all okay.

All your feelings are valid

You feel what you feel and all your feelings are valid. Just know that if it feels complex, for whatever reason, you are not alone.

Take good care of yourself today.

Be kind to yourself.

Go easy on yourself.

Sending you love 💗


P.S. I always wanted to have a family. I just never met the right guy. When I met my partner, I was already in my forties and no longer interested in starting a family. Trust me, I have grieved. I am at peace with being childless. I am an aunt and I am a cat mum.

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