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How to keep your New Year´s resolutions going? - 7 great tips!

You know the feeling: January 1st. New Year, New Start. This year I´m going to.... you name it. Every year you know what you would like to change or improve. Every year. Again and again. This year you are going to keep going and achieve those goals. Why? Because with these 7 tips you will nail your New Year´s resolutions.

The most popular New Year´s resolutions are:

  1. Exercise more.

  2. Lose weight.

  3. Spend less, save more.

  4. Learn a language, something exciting like diving, or to play an instrument, .

  5. Quit smoking.

  6. Stay fit and healthy.

  7. Schedule time for myself.

  8. Spend more time with friends and family.

As said, you name it.

What were your New Year´s resolutions?

Mine were: exercise more, eat less. How are you doing? Are you still going strong or have you postponed your plans?

In my previous blog ´Isn´t spring a better time to start New Year´s resolutions?´ I wrote that I just started my New Year´s resolutions. Due to family circumstances I had to shift my priorities. And that was actually a blessing in disguise. Because I realised that what I really need to learn is to prioritise selfcare when looking after others. Yes, eating healthy (and less) and be more active are part of that.

The last few months helped me to fine-tune my resolutions. Those months of looking inward, reflection, soul searching when life was not so outgoing (hello winter, lovely to be home), were absolutely great.

Actually, when you want to change something or start doing something or learn something, you can always start. It doesn´t matter what day, week, month, season.

Keep going. “I don´t call them New Year´s resolutions.  I prefer the term: casual promises to myself that I am under no legal obligation to fulfill.”
Keep going!

Now comes the time to keep going, to make those New Year´s Resolutions last. Let´s call them Spring resolutions btw.

What to do to keep to those New Year´s resolutions? - 7 tips

It´s quite simple. See the 7 tips below to stay committed, to keep going. With these tips you will get up and stay up. You are going to nail these goals and you are going to feel so proud of yourself!

1. Choose one goal

The mind can only focus on one thing at the time. So choose one goal instead of 4. Choose the one that comes up first and give it all your energy. When you choose 1 goal it is easier to achieve it and can you imagine the boost you are going to get when you have achieved your goal.

2. Break your goal into small pieces

Don´t set goals like: This year I´m going to run the New York Marathon. It´s okay when you are an avid runner, but from zero to 42.92 km is quite something. But, if you really want to go for a full marathon: go for a 5k race first, use a training schedule (Asics has nice ones, or Runkeeper) to build up stamina and strength.

Or, I want to hit the gym 7 days a week. Start with 2-3 times a week. And increase your gym visits every 3 weeks. Those smaller steps are easier to accomplish.

3. Praise yourself

Over and over again. Tell yourself that you are proud of yourself, for looking after yourself the way you do. Every time you skipped a dessert and chose a piece of fruit, #praise yourself.

You ran 1 km in 8 minutes, absolutely amazing. Even though last week you ran that km under 6 minutes, you ran, and that is something to be so proud of)!

You did a 3 minute lesson on Duo Lingo, wow!!!

I am worth it. I am worthy of it. I matter.

4. Be patient with yourself

To #change a pattern or a behaviour you need time. It´s like re-wiring your brain. Keep in mind that you´re in it for the long run. To change behaviour you need approx. 1 month to six weeks. So have patience, be kind, don´t beat yourself up when you missed a day. Use positive phrases. Such as: I am amazing, I am deserving of change, I can do this, I am allowed to look after myself. I am worth it. I am worthy of it. I matter. I am enough.

5. Keep track

Some people say that it is good to share your plans for accountability reasons. But what if you feel ashamed when you can´t keep up with your own schedule, when you fall of the wagon. You could feel like a failure and you probably feel the disappointment from others, especially when you are having ADD or ADHD. So keep it close to yourself and keep track of your steps, write them down in a notebook or in your calendar. This way you can see what you have achieved. And once you hit your goals, you´ll tell the world.

6. Don´t beat yourself up

There comes a day that, due to whatever reason, you won´t be able to run, or to take a class, or you really want to have a dessert. That´s all okay. We are not perfect. No-one is. Don´t quit when you couldn´t keep up with your resolutions. Have a look at it, observe your feelings and keep going.

7. Ask for support

You don´t have to do it alone. Ask someone you trust and cares about you for support. To cheer on you, even when you feel down and not so proud of yourself. And when you feel too overwhelmed to keep going, look for professional help. A trainer, a dietitian, a therapist. You don´t have to do it alone.

You´ve got this!

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