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Isn´t spring a better time to start New Year´s resolutions?

Updated: Mar 25

After all, winter is to hibernate, to save energy. Spiritually they say winter is to reflect, to turn inward, to contemplate. To stay at home, to look inward, to take it slow. Why would we put so much pressure on ourselves, to almost forcefully step out of this moments of reflection and introspection, when we are biologically meant to hibernate. Yes, humans did hibernate long time ago. Something to do with less food & cold temps. I had fun reading this article.

New Year´s resolutions are best to start in spring. Picture with a plant budding
Why Spring is a better moment to start New Year´s resolutions

Statistics about New Year´s resolutions

So why would we start New Year´s resolutions on the first of January? Statistics are not really on the side of starting New Year´s resolutions in January. The Forbes Health/One Poll survey found that the average resolution lasts just 3.74 months. 8% fall off the wagon after one month. 22% think it´s enough after 2 months. 22% quit around the 3 months’ mark. And only 1% keep going until the end of the year.


So, why commit to New Year´s resolutions in spring?

Would spring be better to set goals for the new year? Or maybe re-commit to the New Year´s resolutions you had in January? From a spiritual point of view:

  • Spring symbolises a fresh start, a sense of renewal.

  • Spring represents new growth, vitality, hope.

  • Spring offers a chance to start again.

  • Spring holds the opportunity to let go of the old and negative.

Nature wakes up. Shoots and flowers appear. Birds are nesting and chirping. The days are getting longer. It´s a fresh cycle. Days are filled with light, love, hope.

What about my New Year´s resolutions?

As 2024 started different than planned, I just started my New Year´s resolutions. I had to adjust my plans. And to be honest, it feels much more natural to start these new year´s resolutions now. I also have clearer ideas of what I would like to improve.

In spring:

Nature wakes up.

Shoots and flowers appear. Birds are nesting and chirping.

The days are getting longer. It´s a fresh cycle.

Days are filled with light, love, hope.

I am filled with light, energy, hope, motivation.


How are you doing?

And now I´m curious to know: how are you doing? How are you going with your New Near´s resolutions?

Are you going strong, feeling happy, proud with yourself?

Or are you feeling sluggish, beating yourself up that you couldn´t keep your New Year´s resolutions?


What´s blocking you, stopping you, freezing you, making you sad, procrastinate, postpone these New Year´s resolutions?

Were they not the right goals to start with?

Did you realise you need something else to work on first?

Would you benefit from help to release old pain and negative patterns?

Would it help you to gain insights, get understanding, install new positive and supportive beliefs?


Maybe now it is the right moment for this temporary offer. Only this week, the last week of March 2024, I am offering a 20% discount* on the Ave Munde Therapy Transformation Packages. This discount is valid on the following packages:

  • 30 day RTT Experience

  • 45 day Transformation

  • Instant Calm with EFT tapping

* 1 coupon per person.

* to redeem your coupon: schedule your discovery session between March 24 and March 31 and start your transformation in March, April or May.


Special 20% discount on transformational therapy
Special Spring Offer to re-commit to your New Year´s resolutions
"June 1 is unofficially known by many as “New Year’s Resolution Recommitment Day."

Let me help you to release the old pains and negative beliefs that are keeping you stuck or preventing you from growing. Let me help you to gain insights. Together we are installing new beliefs. Bringing you hope, new growth, a fresh start, exactly as spring intends to do. All this will give the motivation, energy and lust to start those New Year´s resolutions in spring!

Which steps to take?

  1. Head to my website to read more about me and the therapy I offer.

  2. Schedule a free of charge discovery session to see if you and I are a good fit

  3. Let´s embrace spring, start afresh!


You´ve got this!


I help people improve their relationships (especially the one you have with yourself). By getting a better relationship with yourself you will stay motivated to reach your goals. You will better manage anxiety. Your fears are eased, your confidence will grow, and your self-esteem is experiencing a massive boost! You´ll going to understand yourself, manage your boundaries and you and yourself are going to be best friends.

Be aware of the side effect: all your relationships will improve!

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