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About Authenticity and so

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

This apparently normal marketing tactic ‘the hurry up, only x spots left, otherwise you’ll miss out of something very unique’ is just not me.

😱 I got caught in that trap lately. By bluffing my way trying to get more participants for our retreats in Spain. So there I went ’Only 4 spots left! Sign up quickly or you will miss out on something truly life changing.’.

It didn’t work.

Why? It’s just not me.

I do #believe in: ‘believe it and you will achieve it’. Just not from a sales point of view. Let me tell you something: I suck at sales. 😃 I’m good at building connections though. I enjoy creating connections, a network. I’m good at showing you who I am, absolutely flawsome (awesome with flaws). I believe in #authenticity. And this marketing tactic is just not how I am, who I am.

❤️ I believe in myself. I believe in my skills, my training, my qualifications, my experience. I know my #worth. I believe getting to know and accepting yourself is essential. I also believe in showing your vulnerability. Your doubts. Your struggles. Your flaws. Even in #business.

When I open up, expressing myself, the good and the bad, I’m truly aligned. Only then I’m able to #connect with others. And that’s what people know and feel. They know when something is off. And they know when you’re sending out mixed messages. Results: No real connections. No friendships. Business gets slow or stuck.

I think we should be able to show our doubts, our needs etc.

Even though I find it stupid, because I think we should be able to show our doubts, our needs etc., I understand that in business it doesn’t come in handy to be too vulnerable. That you have to keep something back. That you can’t show all your cards.

So let’s start at home, with your friends, your loved ones.

Are you allowed to be #authentic?

Can you truly be who you are?


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